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DM 9600

Precision manometer for accurate pressure-, differential pressure and temperature measurements
  • Measuring range either ±75hPa, ±150hPa, ±350hPa, ±1.000hPa or even ±7000 hPa (±7bar)
  • Suitable for measuring gas flow pressure nozzle pressure, furnace pressure, stack draught and many more
  • Temperature measurements using standard K-type thermocouple
  • With optional HC probe usable also as gas "sniffer“
  • Touch colour display for intuitive operation and best readability

  • Temperature compensated pressure sensor
  • 2 separate K-type thermocouple sockets for standard NiCrNi thermocouples
  • 2,8″ touch, colour display
  • Fibreglass reinforced enclosure with integrated fixing magnets
  • Infrared printing interface
  • USB socket for data transfer and battery charging
  • Micro SD-card Slot
  • Li-Ion battery for up to 20 h Operation
  • Internal data storage of 1000 measurements and 500 sites
  • All international measuring units selectable as mbar, inchH2O, etc
  • Graphical display of measurement
  • Automatic zeroing for long time stability of readings
  • Concurrent measurement of pressure and temperature (K-type thermocouple)

Measuring range
± 75 hPa, ± 150 hPa, ± 350 hPa, ± 1.000 hPa or ± 7.000 hPa

Measuring range
± 75 hPa, ± 150 hPa, ± 350 hPa, ± 1.000 hPa or ± 7.000 hPa

approx. 400 g
Measuring units
Pa, hPa, mbar, bar, psi, mm Hg, a.m.m.
Zero point
Mini-USB, Micro-SD, Bluetooth (option)
Battery capacity
approx. 20 hours with Lithium-Ion battery
(W x H x D) 82 x 169 x 36 mm


for connecting additional transmitters (detector probe, etc.)


for wireless data transfer to notebook or MRU App “MRU4u” for smartphone or tablet

Universal temperature probe

various lengths up to 1.000 mm, Ø 4,5 … 6 mm, up to 1.000° C

Thermocouple K pricking probe

-100 … 250 °C, Ø 4,5 mm, length 150 mm

Thermocouple K clamp contact probe

-50 … +250° C, pipe Ø up to 60 mm, 2 m cable

  Detector probe  
  • Detector probe for fast leakage detection
  • 1,95 m cable and flex. goose neck
  • adaptable to all AUX sockets

Sensor for HC leakage detection

adaptable to detector probe (plug and play)

Sensor for spillage test

Connection kit, small, for Usability Check

Pitot tube, L-type, without temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Transportation case with foam insert DM9600

for DM 9600

Speed printer

Infrared high speed thermal printer

Silicone hose 6×2

6 x 2 mm, transparent

Printer paper

for speedprinter

Transparent pouch for print outs