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Portable, compact flue gas analyser for emission monitoring and combustion control
  • Very compact and extremely rugged gas analyser
  • Fully equipped for all kind of adjustment and monitoring tasks at combustions
  • Intuitively and comfortable to use

  • Longlife Oxygen (O2)-Sensor (0 … 21%)
  • CO-Sensor (0 … 4.000/overload 10.000 ppm)
  • Fresh air purging for CO-sensor-protection
  • Flue gas probe with 250mm probe length and 2,2 m sampling line
  • Speedprinter, built-in
  • Lithium-Ion battery (approx. 10 hours operation)
  • 3,5“ TFT colour display and LED-lit keypad
  • Mini-USB-socket and SD card slot
  • Differential pressure- und differential temperature measurement
  • Very robust, compact aluminium framed case (423x240x176mm)

Heat losses qA

0 ... 21%
CO (H2 compensated)
0 ... 10.000/20.000 ppm
0 ... 1.000/5.000 ppm
0 ... 200/1.000 ppm
0 ... 1.000/5.000 ppm
0 ... 2.000/5.000 ppm
Fluegas temperature
0 ... 650°

Data storage
internally as well as on SD-Card
Data transfer
via USB or Bluetooth
Electr. connection transmitter
more sensors via AUX-input
3,5" colour-TFT
Sample gas flow monitoring
sample flow monitoring with alarm on display
metal, fixed in rugged aluminium framed case
Battery capacity
10 hours continuous operation
approx. 6,8 kg


0…1.000, overload up to 5.000 ppm

CO-measurement (H2 compensated)

0…10.000, overload up to 20.000ppm


0…4.000, overload up to 20.000 ppm

NO measurement (NOx calculated)

0 … 1.000 ppm, overload up to 5.000 ppm


0…200 overload up to 1.000 ppm


0…2.000, overload up to 5.000 ppm

Gas sampling probe handle Type F

for exchangeable tubes

Exchangeable probe tube Type F, 180 or 300mm

from 300 mm up to 2.000 mm length

Exchangeable probe tube, with sinter filter

Ø 10mm x 750…1.500 mm, with sintered metal filter


for connecting additional transmitters (detector probe, etc.)

CO-sensor protection by purafil filter

recommended for use at CHP engines

CO-sensor protection by separate purging pump

required if both, CO regular and CO high or very high, are installed

Gas cooler

Peltier, low energy, high efficiency and condensate draining pump

Lithium-ion battery w/ double capacity

recommended for use with gas cooler

Automatic mode/measurement

incl. data logging, user definable

Additional compartment for NOVAcompact case

attachable to standard case

Shoulder strap for case

Combustion air temperature probe, 300 mm

w/ PTFE cone and 2,7m cable

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, S-type, with temperature measurement

500 x Ø 8mm, with 28mm protection tube,
TIG welding for 0…1.000° operating temperature