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CO2 monitor with data logger AIRCO2NTROL 5000 31.5008

Who breathes good air is healthier, happier and can do more. Headaches, dizziness and permanent fatigue are often due to a high concentration of CO2 in the air. With AIRCO2NTROL 5000 from TFA, you can monitor how stale and contaminated the air is in indoor spaces where many people are present such as in schools, offices and public buildings. Timely and energy-efficient ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate. The AirCO2ntrol 5000 is a CO2 monitor with data logger function via SD card. In addition to the CO2 levels, the device measures the temperature and humidity of the environment and informs you of the date and time. The display shows the current CO2 levels as well as a graph with past values and the associated maximum and minimum values. The bar-graph timeline can be variably set to one minute, hour, one day or week. As an option, the last measured temperature and humidity values can also be clearly displayed on the graph. A coloured traffic-light display allows the interpretation of the CO2 values at a glance and changes from green to yellow and to red depending on the air quality and the setting of the limit values. If a specified maximum value is exceeded, an additional warning signal may be provided if the CO2 concentration levels being too high. The extensive logger function allows a storage of over 1 million data sets (CO2 / humidity / temperature with date and time) on the supplied Micro-SD card as a CSV file. The default measurement interval of five seconds can be customized. The stored data can then be easily and quickly evaluated via Microsoft Excel. Power supply to the AirControl 5000 via a enclosed USB cable.

  • For the monitoring of CO2 concentration-levels in rooms
  • High-quality NDIR Dual Beam sensor
  • CO2 level measurement with coloured traffic-light indicator
  • Temperature, humidity, date and time display
  • Clear graph of historical values
  • Logger for 1 million records with micro SD card

Measuring range
CO2: 0...5000 ppm
Delivery contents
CO2-monitor, micro SD card, micro-USB cable, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity
5 ... 95 %
Measuring range temperature
0 ... +50°C
Power consumption
To be hung or freestanding
(L) 120 x (B) 33 x (H) 66 mm
103 g