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Portable flue gas analyzer "MCERTS-certified"
See TÜV Rheinland certificate
  • Complying with MCERTS performance standards for transportable emission monitoring systems 
  • Maximum flexibility through wireless remote control

  • Robust metal enclosure mounted to an aluminium framed case
  • Docking station for remote control with inductive charging function of RCU
  • Built-in speedprinter
  • Auto-zero solenoid valve for long-term measurementsand internal sample gas flow monitoring and alarm 
  • Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump, with condensate monitoring and alarm
  • Emission calculations like: : mg/m3, NOx as mg/m3 NO2, true measurement of NOx = NO + NO2, including O2 referencing (normalisation) to user settable value
  • High energy lithium-ion battery and universal grid power supply 100-240Vac / 50-60 Hz, 12 Vdc, 60
  • Industrial gas sampling probe using heated, easy replaceable quartz glass wool filter, with 2700 mm unheated Viton sample line and gas temperature measurement with  K-type  thermocouple (without exchangeable probe tubes)
  • Wireless remote control of all instrument functions 
  • Backlit 3,5“TFT colour display
  • Automatic measurement with data storage of measured values on SD card
  • SD card (2 GB), mini USB port, internal memory for 16.000 data sets
  • Contactless battery charging
  • Lithium-ion battery with inductional charging, for approx. 30 hours mains free operation
  • Differential pressure 0 … +/- 100 mbar
  • Gas flow velocity and mass flow measurement by using of Pitot tube (option)

Dew point
calculated °C
0 ...99,9 %

0 ... 25 % (electrochemical, long-life)
CO (H2 compensated)
0 ... 4.000 ppm* overload up to 10.000 ppm (electrochemical)
CO low
0...1.000 ppm
NO low
0 ... 200 ppm* overload up to 1.000 ppm (electrochemical)
NO2 low
0...300ppm (0,1ppm resolution)
0 ... 1.000 ppm* overload up to 5.000 ppm (electrochemical)
(option) 0 ... 2.000 ppm* overload up to 5.000 ppm (electrochemical)
SO2 low
0...300ppm (0,1ppm resolution)
0...500pm, Überlast < 2.000 ppm
H2S low
0...300ppm (0,1ppm resolution)
(option) 0 ... 20,00%* overload up to 40,00% (infrared)
Differential pressure
at basic unit ± 100hPa, at remote control ± 200hPa
External pressure sensor
up to 40 bar (option)
Fluegas temperature
up to 1.100 °C (K-type thermocouple)
Amount of leakage
0 ... 8 l/h
External temperature sensor
K-type standard
Relative humidity

Gas conditioning
Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump, with condensate monitoring and alarm
Sample gas flow monitoring
internal sample gas flow monitoring and alarm
Operating temperature
+ 5 ... + 45 °C, max. 95 % RF, non condensing
Power supply
grid 100 ... 240 Vac / 50 … 60 Hz, 1,4 A, 12 V DC/5A
Battery capacity
basic unit with gas cooler 10 hours / remote control 30 hours
7,4 kg with 2 sensors, probe, power supply, case
470x314x235 mm (HxWxD)
TÜV approval
By RgG 296
Data storage
internally 1MB and externally on SD card 2 GB
Data transfer
via USB-cable, optionally via Bluetooth
mini-USB, optionally Bluetooth
3,5" TFT colour display
Pressure ranges
internally up to 1,5 bar (option) externally up to 40 bar (option)