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SWG 100 Syngas

Stationary Analyzer for Syngas - Measurements The complete, ready to use  analyzer SWG100 Syngas   is the industrial solution for:
  • biomass, coal and waste  gasification plants
  • cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP) using syngas
  • small scale syngas analysis for research institutes and lab
MRU analyzer, series SWG100 Syngas is designed for use in industrial safe areas or inside laboratories as well. The analyzer can be installed in outdoor or indoor location, can sample dry or wet syngas, pressurized or low pressure gas and can be used from multiple sampling points.

    • IP 54 stainless steel cabinet, with monitored, continuous venting
    • accurate measurements, using infrared, electrochemical and thermal conductivity technology
    • sampling from low suction -100mbar up to high pressure +200mbar of gas pipe
    • no dilution of sample gas is required
    • integrated gas cooler with condensate draining pump
    • direct and continuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation
    • multiple sampling point monitoring  (up to 8 sites monitoring) with one analyzer
    • flow restrictor orifice gas inlet for high pressure site
    • with sample gas cut-off and power supply shut-off in case of alarm
    • industry compatible rugged design , easy and fastest service design

Calorific value
0 ... 50MJ/m³ or MJ/kg

0 ... 100% (NDIR)
0 ... 100% (NDIR)
0 ... 100% (NDIR)
0 ... 25% (EC)
0 ... 25% (paramagnetic)
0 ... 2.000/5.000 ppm (EC)
0 ... 1,00%/50% TCD
Ambient air temperature

45 kg
Power supply
Universal 90-240 Vac / 47-63 Hz / 200W
700 x 600 x 210 mm (H x W x D) for wall or rack mounting
Gas conditioning
Electric gas cooler (Peltier) with constant dew point +5° C
4 x analog output 4-20 mA, floating, max. load 500R4 x analog input 4-20 mA, passive inputs RS485 digital interface (Modbus RTU)
Sample gas shut-down solenoid valvePower supply cut-off in case of system alarm