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TOM 420 R

Low cost ZrO2 IN-SITU probe On stack, in-situ oxygen analysis Low cost probe with heated ZrO2 sensor, for dusty or clean combustion, using the flow guidance (hollow) tube, with or without back-purge and various lengths

  • Field replaceable O2-transmitter TOM420R
  • Stainless steel flange DN65 (DN80 or ANSI 150 or others on regquest) with 250 mm or longer sampling tube

0,1 to 25 Vol. % in 0,1%-steps

0,1 to 25 Vol. % in 0,1%-steps

Electr. connection transmitter
18 - 24 Vdc, 1,5A, 100W PG 9 screwing for six wire cord (2x voltage, 2x 4…20mA signal, optional 2x RS 485)
stainless steel 1.4571 (SS316Ti), DN65PN6, Ø 160 mm
Response time
< 10 seconds
Power supply
18 - 24 Vdc, 1,5A, 100W
IP 65
approx. 19 kg